Combi Steamer and Convectional Ovens

Having the best water for the finest dishes and for fully-functional equipment is a necessity. Restaurants demand top quality for their money. And current prerequisites for perfect food preparation are flavour and aroma, freshness and an attractive appearance. This is where combination ovens come to play: they are ideal for gentle, fresh preparation of high-quality food.

Most main food preparation methods involving steam, such as steaming and regeneration, rely upon water. Indeed, even baking and roasting can benefit, with targeted jets of steam and hot air creating a tasty crust on roasted meat or baked goods.

That's why everything about the water used in food preparation has to be just so. Only then will the flavour and aroma develop properly, only then will expensive equipment be kept free of limescale problems. However, in order to ensure that the water is exactly as it should be, a little 'extra help' is often necessary.

BRITA filtered water systems remove all undesirable substances and supply water with consistent and precise properties, thus allowing the flavour and the aroma of the food to develop properly. Rice, potatoes and noodles taste great, vegetables retain their fresh and natural appearance. The internal workings of combination steam/baking ovens remain free of limescale, the equipment operates smoothly and provides top performance at all times. For the preparation of vended drinks, this means that carbonate hardness is carefully reduced, whilst all minerals necessary for flavour development are retained. This gives you peace of mind that you have done everything possible to achieve optimum quality - and with maximum success levels.

You can save money:

  • no down-time caused by limescale
  • significant reduced servicing costs
  • less maintenance
  • optimized cleaning
  • improved energy efficiency

Your customers enjoy:

  • naturally fresh, aromatic food
  • appetising, crispy appearance
  • tasty, crunchy baked goods with an attractive shine
  • fully-developed flavour

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