With dishwashing it's all in the presentation: An essential factor for clean results is the quality of water used for rinsing. However, water is not simply water: its properties can fluctuate quite widely, depending on regional variations. Different substances contained within it affect the dishwasher, the dishes being cleaned and the results.

For example, hard water with a high level of carbonate hardness is a real risk factor: when the water is heated up, limescale is created and can start to build up on important machine parts. Energy consumption goes up and wear and tear increases. Machine down-time lowers cost-effectiveness, whilst operating and maintenance costs rise. Limescale is also an aesthetic problem as it leaves behind unsightly spots and marks on dishes which then need to be laboriously hand polished. Quite apart from the considerable costs involved, delicate designs can suffer and breakages can occur only too easily with this additional handling.

BRITA filters ensure that any water - regardless of regional source and content - has consistent and precise properties. For rinsing glasses and cutlery, this means partial or full demineralisation; for white china (porcelain), softening is sufficient. This way you can be sure that you have done everything to achieve optimum quality and efficiency - and maximum success.

You can save money:

  • no down-time caused by limescale
  • significant reduced servicing costs
  • less maintenance
  • no manual polishing
  • less glass breakage
  • optimum and economical use of cleaning agents and rinsing aids
  • improved energy utilisation

Your customers enjoy:

  • squeaky-clean glasses
  • spotless clean china
  • gleaming cutlery

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