Purity Finest

The PURITY Finest, formerly known as PURITY QUELL GY was specially developed to provide a professional solution for hot water applications (coffee/espresso and vending) affected with water containing gypsum deposits. The innovative filter media offers targeted removal of gypsum forming substances from the water. The result: high-quality water offering the user all the well known BRITA advantages – long machine life and optimal product quality. The ideal solution for all applications, for which being free from limescale is not sufficient to fulfil the highest quality expectations.

  • PURITY 1200 Quell GY (W/D): 550/288 mm
  • PURITY Finest C500 (W/D/H): 149/149/555 mm

Max operating pressure: 6,9 bar
Operating temperature: 4 - 30 °C
Operating position: vertical

  • Coffee Machines
  • Vending Machines


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