Water dispensers on the rise.
Clear, cool water - there's nothing better for quenching thirst while providing a balanced mineral intake. Today, almost every office, shopping centre and medical practice is equipped with a watercooler. It is therefore even more essential to ensure that the water provided is of good quality. For water of the highest quality with no unpleasant taste or smell, and long-term protection for your watercooler.

Single-level filter system AquaVend Cool for normal hygienic requirements
Would you like to treat your customers to real freshness in the glass instead of water with an unpleasant odour and taste? Then you won't want to miss out on the new AquaVend Cool filter cartridge for watercoolers. Installed at the inlet of the watercooler, the single-level filter system AquaVend Cool guarantees the famous BRITA water quality and protects your machines through the retention of particles.

Dual-level filter system AquaVend Cool Micro Filter for high hygienic requirements
Is your watercooler situated in hygienically challenging or sensitive areas, exposed to heavy usage, or out of use for above-average periods? Then the dual-level filter system AquaVend Cool + AquaVend Cool Micro Filter can guarantee water quality in your machines. Installed on the inlet of the cooler, AquaVend Cool not only retains particles > 0.5 μm but also removes unwanted odours and tastes from crude water. The upstream Micro Filter ensures the highest possible water quality in the glass. It removes microbiological impurities (germs) and retains even the smallest particles. For the best BRITA water quality.

You can save money:

  • Service work is required less frequently
  • Service costs are significantly reduced
  • Optimal protection for your machines – entry of particles prevented
  • Your drinking water is always of the highest quality

Your customers enjoy:

  • full flavour
  • natural freshness
  • perfect quality in the glass
  • water of the highest quality free from worry – impurities and germs are a thing of the past

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